Highly sought after (self taught) Branding and Marketing Guru , Steven Palmer (better known as Hazey Taughtme), is an American entrepreneur who has been active in the entertainment industry since 1998.   Originally from York, PA but growing up with splitting time in New York City, and Salem MA,  Hazey Taughtme entered the industry at age 17.  As with many, Hazey Taughtme had humble beginnings starting as a manager for local dance group Limited Edition and promoting national act Imajin.   After graduation he was given the opportunity to train along side of renowned "Entertainment" great "Celebrity Agent/Concert Promoter" Greg Walker.  It was during this on-the-job-training Hazey Taughtme  honed his skills as an Entertainment Manager and gave him the desire to later strike out on his own.  A few years ago, Hazey Taughtme created his own company Haze Entertainment.